ezyFAQ features

ezyFAQ is abosolutely loaded with features but also has the simplicity that anyone can easily setup an FAQ in minutes.


Fully customisable

Change the layout and add CSS/HTML to your ezyFAQ site to seamlessly integrate it with your existing website. If you prefer, you can simply choose from our range of layouts and themes.


Helpdesk/Ticket management

With ezyFAQ's ticket management, your customers can lodge a ticket directly from your FAQ support site. Tickets can then be actioned, assigned and resolved. Customers are updated along the way via email and can even view and update their ticket.


Smart analytics

With ezyFAQ's built-in smart analytics you can quickly view the top voted and most viewed FAQs, as well as a list of popular search terms. This data enables you to easily edit and customise your FAQs to better support your customers.


Easy-to-use editor

Quickly create new FAQs with our powerful yet easy-to-use editor with its helpful toolbar, live HTML preview and drag-and-drop image uploads. The ezyFAQ editor also supports advanced features like Markdown syntax, version control, permalinks and SEO.

Live search

Live search

Save time with ezyFAQ's powerful in-built search engine. As a question is entered into the search bar, our clever search engine instantly filters key terms and suggests a list of relevant FAQs, helping your customers find answers faster.


Responsive design

ezyFAQ has been created with responsive design in mind, so it looks just as beautiful on a desktop computer as it does on a laptop, tablet or phone.

This ensures your customers have the very best experience no matter which device they use to view your website.

Private mode

ezyFAQ also allows login protected sites. This would be useful if using ezyFAQ in a helpdesk environment or a internal knowledge base which you don't want publicly accessible to the internet.

Easily embed search

ezyFAQ also allows you to easily embed your FAQ search into your existing website with one line of code. This allows your users to get help from both your FAQ and your website homepage. See our "Need help?" button on the bottom right of this page as an example.