An easy-to-use and beautiful FAQ/knowledge base and customer support platform

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Simply and easily host your FAQ documentation to allow your customers to easily find the answers they need.

Why ezyFAQ?

It's easy to setup and easy-to-use. ezyFAQ is loaded with bang for your buck, and it can be setup by someone with little to no technical ability. ezyFAQ is focusing on providing small and medium sized businesses powerful features with simplicity and a affordable price.

What is ezyFAQ?

ezyFAQ is a hosted knowledge base and Helpdesk ticketing system where your customers can easily search FAQs and lodge support tickets. With full customisation, you can add your own styling and branding to seamlessly integrate ezyFAQ with your existing website.

ezyFAQ features

Responsive design

Looks beautiful on all devices, from your desktop and laptop to your tablet and mobile phone.

Helpdesk / Ticket support

Manage your customer support enquiries with our easy-to-use Helpdesk/Ticket functionality.

Easy to use

Easily create FAQs with live preview, drag-and-drop image uploads, permalinks, SEO and more.

Fully customisable

Add HTML/CSS to seamlessly integrate with your existing website, or simply choose from our layouts and themes.

User-friendly search

Our clever search engine auto-suggests FAQs as a question is entered, helping your customer find answers faster.

Smart analytics

Quickly view user analytics such as top voted, top viewed and popular search terms.

Public or Private

Make specific FAQs private for your team or even make your entire FAQ private/internal only.

LDAP Authentication

Easily configure your LDAP server details to authenticate your users.

Embed anywhere

Easily embed your FAQ search into any webpage of your website with one line of code.


Integrate your support requests into your Slack channel.

Send support requests direct to your email mailbox.